Ultimate Ubud Travel Guide: Where to Stay and Must-Do Activities

by Tsvete Popp
Wapa di Ume Ubud

Ubud, Bali

Ubud, located in Bali, Indonesia, holds a special place in my heart as one of the most captivating destinations on Earth. Its natural beauty, favorable climate, rich culture, and warm-hearted people make it an irresistible place to stay. Known as the soul of Bali, Ubud is where art, culture, and traditions merge seamlessly amidst breathtaking landscapes. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of this magical place and discover the beating heart of the island. From its humble beginnings as a small village focused on crafts and rice cultivation, Ubud has evolved into a spiritual haven attracting yogis and wellness enthusiasts from around the world. Indulge in the treasure trove of experiences waiting for you in Ubud.

Pura Dalem Ubud

Where to Stay in Ubud

As you would expect from a major travel destination in Southeast Asia, Bali has no shortage of options when it comes to accommodation. As always, I’d suggest you stay somewhere central, to make accessing all the attractions as easy as possible.

One of our favorite places to stay in Ubud is Wapa di Ume Ubud – we stayed here for 3 days and absolutely loved our experience. Here we experienced a heavenly getaway amidst the tranquil charm of Ubud’s wild nature, the most stunning shades of green, as well as the enthralling view of the unique Balinese traditional life in the surrounding communities.

Yet from experience, we know how difficult it is to find nature in Ubud. The area is growing so fast that you are more likely to be surrounded by building sites than real rice fields. So when I arrived at Wapa di Ume Ubud it really did feel like we’d found an oasis of tranquility in Ubud.

Wapa di Ume Ubud is a hidden exotic resort in Ubud. One thing about picking a nice stay is by sorting the hotel’s rating. Wapa Di Ume came out as one of the best with a rating above 9 on Booking. And were didn’t make a wrong choice, this easily became one of the most memorable resorts in Ubud we’ve stayed in.  You can also make a direct booking here.

Wapa di Ume Ubud

“Ume” in the Balinese language actually means “in the rice fields,” and that’s exactly what it offers. The resort is surrounded by green rice fields that stretch out to palm trees and forests. There’s little sign of development. The hotel is on the outskirts of Ubud, and the ambiance is tranquil and exotic. What we truly loved from our recent stay at Wapa di Ume Ubud is their extravagant view of paddies fields and forest which freshen up our sights, beautiful pools, room interior, enriching activities like Balinese Cooking Class, Yoga, and so forth. It’s a true holiday definition.

Every facet of Wapa di Ume Ubud  spreads sophistication, with top-class facilities and fittings, exceptional service as standard, and a host of added extras, including yoga lessons, rice fields walking tours, open-air theatre, and Balinese cooking lessons. And always, always, the rice fields as a living, growing, natural centrepiece.

Wapa di Ume Ubud is not a regular luxury hotel. Most of the 33 rooms are private villas, which are spread out across the landscaped grounds. There are six types of accommodation available at the resort; the Lanai room, Di Ume suite, Villa with pool, Terrace villa with pool, Family pool villa, and Wapa pool villa. We stayed at Villa with a private pool.

Wapa di Ume UbudWapa di Ume UbudWapa di Ume Ubud

What makes Wapa Di Ume the perfect choice for your stay?

  • Serene and Picturesque Setting: Wapa di Ume Ubud offers a tranquil retreat nestled amidst lush greenery and terraced rice fields. The serene surroundings create a peaceful ambiance, allowing guests to unwind and connect with nature. The picturesque views of the Ubud landscape provide a breathtaking backdrop for a truly relaxing stay.
  • Authentic Balinese Experience: This boutique resort embodies the essence of Balinese culture and hospitality. From its traditional architecture to its warm and friendly staff, Wapa di Ume Ubud offers an authentic Balinese experience. Guests can immerse themselves in the local culture through traditional ceremonies, Balinese dance performances, and even cooking classes, providing a deeper understanding of the island’s traditions.
  • Luxurious Accommodation and Amenities: Wapa di Ume Ubud boasts luxurious villas with private pools, spacious interiors, and modern amenities. The stylishly designed accommodations ensure a comfortable and indulgent stay. Guests can also enjoy the resort’s swimming pool, spa services, and on-site dining options, adding an extra touch of luxury to their experience. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a rejuvenating escape, Wapa di Ume Ubud offers an unforgettable stay in the heart of Bali.

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Wapa di Ume Ubud

Wapa di Ume Ubud

Ubud: Things To Know Before You Go

The name Ubud comes from the word Obad and means medicine and also healing. Do you remember the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts? Yes, it was filmed in Ubud and actually made it a famous spot for Yoga retreats, alternative medicine and spiritual journey. The heart of Bali is the spiritual home of the island – everybody searching for balance and harmony in life is welcome here.

Travel Guide UbudUbud is very strategically placed for all travellers who want to explore the island. From here you have numerous daily tours to choose from: hiking the volcanoes Agung and Batur, enjoying the surrounding nature, and visiting almost all sacred temples. Ubud has the perfect location in Bali! The only minus is that Ubud has no beaches but almost every villa and hotel has its own swimming pool instead.

Explore Ubud
Top Things To Do in Ubud

Ubud is about relaxing and enjoying your surroundings and you don’t definitely need a long to-do-and-see list. Anyway, there are several Ubud activities and must-dos that are truly nice to experience:

Ubud Palace

The Ubud Palace is located on Jalan Raya road in Ubud and is the place where the royal family still lives. The Palace was built 100 years ago in 1917. Typically for Bali, the architecture is beautifully dressed with Hindu ornaments and statues, stone carvings and oriental ornaments and its garden is open for visitors.

Every night, starting at 7:30 pm, you can watch the symbol of Bali Legong and Barong dance. The Legong dance was typically performed by young girls who have not yet reached puberty. However, nowadays the dancers are men and women of all ages. Barong is probably the best-known dance in Bali representing the fights between good and evil.

Ubud Palace

A Peaceful Walk Through The Rice Fields of Ubud

Ubud hosts some of Bali’s most iconic natural landscapes including the rice paddies for which the Islands is best known. Your adventure and visit to Ubud could not be complete without having a walk or a bike ride around the rice paddies! There are so many small villages surrounding Ubud where you can enjoy your peaceful morning or evening walk. I won’t recommend going through the rice fields between 10 am and 15 pm – the walk will be everything, but not pleasant because of the high temperatures.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Massage and Spas in Ubud


The Highest Density of Spas in the World is in Bali, and the highest density of Spas in Bali is in Ubud! Yes, Bali is not only the Island of a Thousand temples but also the Island of a Thousand Spas! There are plenty of spa centers to choose from, ranging from 5 € to mega-luxury expensive procedures. And non-expensive doesn’t mean a bad one at all! A mid-range spa experience (massage, bath, scrub) will have an average price of 20-25 €.

Get a Balinese Massage in Ubud

Pura Gunung Kawi

Uncover the secrets of Pura Gunung Kawi, an ancient temple complex hidden in a river valley near Ubud. Marvel at the massive stone shrines carved into the cliffs and feel the spiritual energy that emanates from this sacred site.

Pura Dalem Ubud

Tegalalang Rice Terrace: Escape

the crowds and explore the hidden gem of Tegalalang Rice Terrace. This stunning landscape features intricate rice terraces carved into the hillside, offering breathtaking views and a glimpse into the traditional farming practices of Bali.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tirta Empul Temple

Immerse yourself in the sacred waters of Tirta Empul Temple, a hidden gem known for its natural springs and traditional purification rituals. Take part in the ritual bathing ceremony to cleanse your body and soul, and experience the profound spiritual energy of this hidden sanctuary.

Der Pura Tirta Empul

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)

Discover the mystical allure of Goa Gajah, an ancient archaeological site located just outside of Ubud. This hidden temple features intricate stone carvings, a peaceful meditation cave, and an enchanting bathing pool, all steeped in history and spirituality.

Goa Gajah

Visit Ubud Market

You should definitely visit the Ubud Market, but do it in the early morning before all people come and before the tourist shops are open. Only then you’ll see the locals and the local offers, bartering and trading housewives, a lot of fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables, and very interesting-looking meat and fish. It can be stinky too, but which market is not?! Ubud is also well known for its wooden figures, handicrafts, and traditional handmade products. The Ubud market is a good place where you can find some unique wooden ornamentations for your home.

Cremation Ceremonies
Catch a Yoga And Meditation Class in Ubud

Ubud has become the World Yoga Mecca during the last 10 years. It attracts yoga teachers, retreat gurus and yogis from all around the world. Ubud has to do with spirituality and a good way to feel it is to take a yoga and meditational class. There are plenty of yoga studios, and the most popular one is the Yoga Barn, which offers many different types of yoga. Also, very popular yoga places are Radiantly Alive, Taksu, Ubud Yoga House, Intuitive Flow and White Lotus Yoga & Meditation Centre are also popular.

Yoga Ubud
Alternative Medicine in Ubud

If you are keen on “Vodoo” (as I call it) or Alternative Medicine (sounds much better) there is no ending list of therapists and healers in Ubud region. No matter if you want a palm reading, family therapy, acupuncture or crystal healing – Ubud is your place! The best what you can do is to ask the locals for the best healers in town. There are also many noticeboards in town, but these healers are more like a tourist trap.

Pemuteran North Bali
Be Part of a Ceremony

Bali is best known for its ceremonies Ubud – actually, the Balinese are celebrating almost everything! Balinese have a ceremony for each new period in human life: from the birth, naming ceremony, to death ceremony. Remember: if you enter something like a street party – most of the time it will be a cremation ceremony. The death ceremonies are not likely the ceremonies in the western World – Balinese are celebrating death! Nobody is crying, nobody is sad – they are having a “street party” instead. Although it sounds like it this kind of ceremony would be a private affair, the entire village and tourists are invited.

Ubud Travel Guide
Attend a Festival in Ubud!

Ubud is the right place where you can attend a festival! And there are plenty to choose from: Bali Spirit Festival (in March), New Earth Festival (in April), International Bali Meditators’ Festival (in June), Ubud Village Jazz Festival (in August), The Annual Bali Vegan Festival (in October), Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (in October).

Watch Legong and Barong Waksirsa Dance

How to Get Around in Ubud


The traffic in Ubud is CRAZY, especially in the town’s centre! Even out of the rush hour! Ubud is a small town and when you look at the map you’ll guess that a ride will take only a few minutes or even seconds … BUT – the roads are narrow, there are thousands of trucks, motorbikes, cars and taxis – it will take (always!) much longer than expected!

Campuhan Ridge WalkThe most efficient way to get around Ubud is to WALK! Some other might suppose renting a motorbike because it is cheap and convenient. And this would be the right option if you’re staying outside Ubud. But for exploring the streets of Ubud, you won’t need a motorbike! The main streets in Ubud operate a one-way system but DON’T BELIEVE that everyone obeys it. Riding is a tricky thing and if you don’t feel comfortable – don’t do it.

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Bali Accommodation

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