SafetyWing Review: Nomad Insurance Vs Remote Health

by Tsvete Popp
SafetyWing Review

SafetyWing Travel Insurance

Planning a trip involves many exciting aspects, but one crucial element that often feels tedious is selecting the right travel insurance. Fortunately, there are innovative insurance providers like SafetyWing that strive to simplify the process and offer straightforward coverage options. In this in-depth review, we will explore SafetyWing’s travel insurance, specifically comparing their Nomad Insurance and Remote Health policies. By breaking down each policy category, we aim to provide you with a deeper understanding of their offerings, empowering you to make an informed decision about the most suitable plan for your needs.

Why Travel Insurance Matters

While travel insurance may not be the most exhilarating topic, it is an essential aspect of any travel plan. As travellers and digital nomads, we understand the significance of having reliable coverage in case of emergencies or unexpected circumstances. SafetyWing stands out among modern insurance providers for its commitment to simplifying the insurance buying process, making it more accessible for digital nomads and long-term travelers.

Coverage and Policy Comparison

In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of SafetyWing insurance, focusing on the differences between their two policies: Nomad Insurance and Remote Health. By categorizing and analyzing each policy’s key aspects, we aim to offer a comprehensive understanding of the insurance jargon and help you determine which plan suits your specific requirements.

SafetyWing Nomad Insurance

Which Policy Is Right For You?

SafetyWing simplifies the decision-making process by offering just two policies to choose from. Each policy provides distinct coverage, and here’s a brief overview to help you make an informed choice.

SafetyWing Nomad Insurance

Flexible monthly travel insurance covering:

  • Medical cover
  • Evacuation
  • Trip delay
  • Lost checked luggage

SafetyWing Nomad Insurance is an innovative insurance catering to the unique needs of long-term travellers and digital nomads.

SafetyWing Remote Health

Remote Health is a global health insurance to cover your employees and contractors worldwide under one plan, regardless of where they live. 

Health insurance for remote teams + platforms.

A fully equipped health insurance, designed for your global workforce.

SafetyWing: Nomad Insurance Vs Remote Health Which One is Right for You?

Now, let’s briefly compare the two policies and delve into which one would best suit your needs. Before we delve into the detailed breakdown of each policy, let’s discuss its key differences and help you determine the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Nomad Insurance Policy

Remote Health Policy

Nomad Insurance Prices

Age Excluding Travel to The US Including Travel to The US
10 - 39 years $42 $76.72
40 - 49 years $68.04 $126.56
50 - 59 years $106.68 $208.04
60 - 69 years $114.76 $284.20

Remote Health Prices

Age Excluding Travel to the Us
0 - 17 years $136
18 - 39 years $206
40 - 49 years $317
50 - 59 years $490
60+ years $918

Buying Insurance Whilst Abroad

SafetyWing’s policy allows travelers to initiate coverage even after they have started their trip, a significant benefit as most insurance providers do not offer this flexibility. This feature eliminates the need to pay inflated premiums when forgetfulness or unexpected circumstances prevent purchasing insurance before departure.

The Subscription Model

SafetyWing’s subscription-based model offers convenience and affordability. Instead of paying for an entire year upfront, policyholders are billed automatically every 28 days. This flexibility is ideal for travelers with uncertain trip durations, as canceling the subscription is penalty-free and does not involve long-term commitments.

No Limit on Travel Duration

Unlike many other providers, SafetyWing does not impose restrictions on travel duration. Whether you have an open-ended itinerary or are unsure when you will return home, SafetyWing provides coverage without the need for a return date or ticket. This freedom enables spontaneous travel and worldwide coverage, with the only consideration being the choice to include or exclude the United States.

Coverage in Your Home Country

SafetyWing offers coverage for incidental visits to your home country, with specific allowances for unforeseen eligible medical conditions. This provision ensures that you are protected even when returning home briefly during your travels. The Remote Health policy extends this coverage to both your home country and abroad throughout the year, making it an excellent option for digital nomads and remote workers.

Coverage for Riding a Motorbike or Scooter

SafetyWing stands apart by providing coverage for accidents involving motorbike or scooter riding—an uncommon feature in travel insurance. This coverage is especially valuable for nomads exploring destinations where scooters are a popular mode of transportation, such as Thailand. However, it is crucial to review the policy for any speed limitations pertaining to mopeds or scooters.

Clear Pricing Structure

SafetyWing maintains a transparent pricing structure for its travel insurance policies. Nomad Insurance costs $40 per 28 days of coverage, while Remote Health is priced at $153 per 28 days. By having clearly defined rates, potential policyholders can make accurate cost estimates, ensuring their insurance expenses fit within their travel budgets.

Nomad Insurance

SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance is designed for long-term travelers, digital nomads, and remote workers. This policy offers a range of coverage, including medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and trip interruption. 

SafetyWing Nomad Insurance

Medical Expenses Coverage

SafetyWing provides up to $250,000 in medical expenses coverage for injuries or illnesses that occur while traveling abroad. This coverage includes emergency dental treatments, prescription medications, hospital stays, and more.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

In the event of a severe medical emergency, SafetyWing covers up to $100,000 for emergency medical evacuation, ensuring you receive the necessary treatment in the nearest appropriate medical facility.

Trip Interruption

Nomad Insurance offers trip interruption coverage up to $5,000, reimbursing non-refundable trip expenses in case of unforeseen events that require you to return home early. Covered events include serious illnesses or injuries to family members, natural disasters, or political unrest in your home country.

Lost Checked Luggage

In case of lost checked luggage, SafetyWing provides coverage of up to $3,000 to replace essential items, such as clothing, toiletries, and personal belongings.

Personal Liability

Nomad Insurance includes personal liability coverage up to $100,000, protecting you against claims made by third parties for bodily injury or property damage caused by your actions while traveling.

Remote Health

SafetyWing’s Remote Health policy is tailored specifically for digital nomads and remote workers who require coverage for both their home country and international travel. 

Worldwide Coverage, Including Home Country

Remote Health offers comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, including hospital stays, doctor visits, and emergency care, both in your home country and while traveling abroad.

Routine Care and Pre-Existing Conditions

SafetyWing covers routine care, such as vaccinations, check-ups, and preventive medicine, under the Remote Health policy. Additionally, eligible pre-existing conditions are covered up to $50,000 for medical expenses.

Maternity Care

Remote Health provides coverage for maternity care, including prenatal visits, childbirth, and postnatal care. This feature is valuable for digital nomads planning to start or expand their families while traveling.

Mental Health Coverage

SafetyWing recognizes the importance of mental health and offers coverage for mental health conditions under the Remote Health policy. This includes therapy sessions, counseling, and prescribed medications.

Co-Insurance and Deductible Options

Remote Health allows policyholders to choose between various co-insurance and deductible options, providing flexibility in customizing the policy to suit individual preferences and budgets.

Comparison and Conclusion

Both SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance and Remote Health policies offer valuable coverage options for travelers. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Nomad Insurance caters to long-term travelers seeking essential coverage, while Remote Health provides comprehensive coverage for both international and domestic travel, making it an excellent choice for digital nomads and remote workers.

SafetyWing’s commitment to simplicity, flexibility, and transparency sets them apart from traditional insurance providers. The ability to purchase insurance while already abroad, the subscription-based model, and coverage for riding motorbikes or scooters are notable features that make SafetyWing an attractive option for travellers seeking reliable and hassle-free coverage.

In conclusion, whether you’re embarking on a short-term adventure or embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, SafetyWing’s travel insurance policies offer peace of mind and financial protection during your journeys. By understanding the unique features and benefits of their Nomad Insurance and Remote Health policies, you can select the one that aligns best with your travel needs and enjoy the worry-free exploration.