“You’ve Got Mail” ~ A Postcard from LillaGreen

by Tsvete Popp

ANZEIGE | SPONSORED: I’m a traveller. And also a travel blogger. I love everything that reminds me of my travels! But I also love the digital way of doing things. New technologies and apps like MyPostcard make sending a postcard in 2022 easy, cheap and enjoyable! Even more, MyPostcard is a solid argument that the era of the postcard is not dead!

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Sending a postcard is something I hadn’t done since 2010. Writing a postcard is not the easiest thing, especially for digital lovers like me! Nowadays, sending an E-Mail or a Social Media message has become the easiest and fastest way to tell somebody “I hope you’re doing well”. During the last decade and thanks’ to the vastly growing digital kingdom, sending postcards and letters is slowly becoming lost.

I cannot remember the first postcard I have ever received but I can remember my mother’s letter and postcard box, full of unforgettable memories and stories. Probably, my generation is the last one who actually has been touched by the romantic feeling of receiving and collecting postcards. Feeling, that cannot be easily replaced by becoming a WhatsApp message, E-Card or Tweet.

Unfortunately, Millennials consider writing a personal letter or postcard as a lost art.  According to a recent research made by Gatwick Airport (here) just 28 % of the Brits have sent a postcard during 2023, compared to 70% in 1997! Sad numbers, as they probably also show that people struggle to write a personal letter and express a feeling to the people they love.


5 Reasons I Didn’t Send Postcards During the Last Couple of Years


  • I always thought that the postcards are not personal enough: I am a hobby photographer! If you know me personally, you would guess what my all-time-favourite activity is whenever I’m strolling through random streets. Click, click, click! From my camera to my smartphone, action cam or 360° gadget! I just love making photos and I have a lot of them … So, each time I saw some postcards at a kiosk, “My photos are much better” was popping out of my head! And I just didn’t want to send a postcard with a standard image that everybody could have.


  • Literary, I hate looking for a post office and customer service during my holidays. In some countries, for example, I cannot even recognize the building because I’m struggling to read the letters (Greece, Thailand, etc.). My experience has also taught me that the post officers (in whatever country I was visiting) are not the best polyglots. So the whole process of sending postcards during my travels was not my favourite activity at all!


  • I didn’t actually believe my postcards will arrive, especially in Bulgaria where my whole family and best friends live! I have a post-communism-post-office-trauma… Back in the 90’s when I was a kid, sending some real letters and postcards was “The Thing”. The only issue was that the post services were not reliable. Even sadder, the post services in Bulgaria offer the same quality like in the 90’s.


  • People cannot read my handwriting: yes, it’s true! Whenever I write a birthday card for a friend, I always have “to encrypt” my hieroglyphs. Actually, my handwriting looks nice, but somehow it is not readable.


  • I’m a digital junkie! I just love doing things digitally. Whether with my laptop, tablet or smartphone, I’m always grateful when I have the opportunity to do the things the way I want – online!


13 +1 Reasons to Send MyPostcard to Friends and Family


    • Let’s be cool, but retro! To be honest, as a blogger you’re always under pressure to be one of the “early adopters” when it comes to services, products or technology. If I want to impress somebody and be different with not sending an E-Cards or WhatsApp message to a group, I should rather grab something more cool and outstanding! Sending an email is an obvious choice and way to easy. Nobody will print my E-Mail, not even my mother… MyPostcard is definitely something retro, but also modern and more interesting than the usual Social Media message. And for sure, it makes me stand out from the crowd!


    • It’s not 100% digital, but it’s still me! MyPostcard reflects my life as a modern traveller and blogger, which says “yes” to the real thing, but also to being digital kind of person!


    • MyPostcard shares Emotions: Nobody expects to receive something un-digital from me – something that is not coming from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter… Sending my postcards to my family and friends is an incredibly personal thing! Especially when…


    • … I can send my photos instead of a standard postcard that anyone can buy! My photos are probably not the best, but definitely unique and made with love! As a travel blogger, sometimes it gets hard to meet some expectations, but my family and friends are always happy to receive something made by myself!


    • I’ll surprise those from my family, who expect nothing but bills in their mailbox! Hello, Grandpa!


    • I will not land in the SPAM folder, but I might get put on the wall or fridge 😀


    • I love writing, but there are a lot of people out there, who don’t! MyPostcard is not about writing a looong letter! There is a text limit which makes MyPostcard perfect for people who don’t like writing novels!


    • It’s absolutely easy! You don’t have to buy a postcard, write it, stamp it and search for the local post office. And not to forget – I can pay with credit card! I’m one of those people who doesn’t have cash 90% of the time…


  • MyPostcard is Cheap! … Sending a postcard from the USA to the EU could cost about 5 € each! Sending postcards with MyPostcard.com will cost you 1.99 € including custom design, printing, stamping and postage!


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    • I keep my bag minimal so buying and travelling with souvenirs could be catchy and heavy for sure! MyPostcard is the best souvenir, first because the photos are the best souvenir. And secondly, because you’re not going to drag along all souvenirs throughout your journey!


    • I can send them from anywhere and anytime! All I need is mobile internet/WiFi, phone/laptop/tablet, and photos – 97 % of the time while travelling I have everything needed for sending my unique postcards to friends and family!


    • I can let my mother know I’m alive 😀


    • To send them to me and keep as a memento of my travels! … And they look amazing on my office wall.


    • … And finally: Everybody can read my letters! I even got a compliment from my granny that my handwriting has become readable! 😉



How Does MyPostcard.com Work?


  1. Download MyPostcard.com App or visit MyPostcard Website
  2. You have to create a new account. By Using My Unique Promo Code CNPIQQ You Will Earn 3 €! Send Your First Postcard for Free!
  3. Chose the option “Send a card” and select the style you want to create
  4. Select your photos
  5. Write your message and add a recipient name and address (you can add any address to your address book!)
  6. Preview your postcard, message, recipient name and address
  7. Now you can send your postcard to friends and family!
  8. Of course, you’ll receive an order and a shipping confirmation per E-Mail  *they will print your postcard and take it to the post office within 24 hours (except for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
  9. That’s it!



Enjoy your Postcard!


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