The Best Places To Visit In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

by Tsvete Popp
Petronas Twin Towers

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The city of Kuala Lumpur is not only the capital of Malaysia but probably one of the most culturally diverse and modern cities in South East Asia. Within recent years, KL has become a desired stopover destination for travellers. But in my opinion, this city has much more to offer than being the place where you’ll manage your several hours between flights!

Kuala Lumpur is an ultra-modern capital in South East Asia. Besides this fact, there are plenty of more classic areas, where you can meet the traditional side of Malaysia. The city is home to a varied mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai and many other people from all over the World. Therefore, while walking through the city you’ll spot various Holy places, such as Mosques, Hindu Temples, Chinese Temples as well as Catholic churches.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur

Staying in Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Unparalleled Luxury: Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur is renowned for its luxurious offerings. The hotel boasts elegant rooms and suites, tastefully designed with opulent furnishings and high-quality amenities. Indulge in a world-class experience with top-notch service and attention to detail.

Central Location: Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant city center, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur offers convenient access to major attractions, shopping districts, and business hubs. You’ll be just moments away from iconic landmarks like the Petronas Twin Towers and the bustling Bukit Bintang area.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Exquisite Dining Options: The hotel is home to a variety of exquisite dining options, ranging from international cuisine to authentic local delicacies. Savour culinary delights prepared by world-class chefs, and experience the diverse flavours of Malaysia and beyond.

Relaxation and Recreation: Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur Lumpur provides a range of facilities for relaxation and recreation. Take a dip in the hotel’s swimming pool, indulge in a pampering spa treatment, or maintain your fitness routine at the fully-equipped gym. Enjoy a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city.

  • Impeccable Service: The staff at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur Lumpur are known for their warm hospitality and dedication to exceeding guests’ expectations. From the moment you arrive until your departure, expect personalized service and attention to ensure a memorable and comfortable stay.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Staying in 8 Kia Peng Suites in Kuala Lumpur

Prime Location: 8 Kia Peng Suites is situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, providing easy access to popular attractions, shopping malls, and dining options. Its central location allows you to explore the city conveniently and make the most of your time.

Spacious and Luxurious Suites: The suites at 8 Kia Peng Suites are known for their spaciousness and luxury. Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with family, you’ll find well-appointed suites that provide a comfortable and stylish living space during your stay.

Modern Amenities: The hotel offers a range of modern amenities to enhance your stay. Enjoy amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, fully equipped kitchens, and in-room laundry facilities. These conveniences ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Spectacular Views: Many of the suites at 8 Kia Peng Suites offer stunning views of the cityscape. Start your day with breathtaking views of Kuala Lumpur’s iconic skyline, including the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower.

Personalized Service: The staff at 8 Kia Peng Suitesare dedicated to providing personalized service and ensuring your comfort throughout your stay. From check-in to check-out, they go the extra mile to make guests feel welcomed and well taken care of.

Reasons to Visit MalaysiaReasons to Visit Malaysia

Here you can find other great ideas about where to stay in Kuala Lumpur:

Best Luxury Hotels in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur: Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, The St. Regis offers luxurious accommodations with modern amenities. The hotel features spacious rooms and suites, a spa, an outdoor swimming pool, and multiple dining options. Guests can enjoy personalized service, stunning city views, and convenient access to shopping and entertainment.

Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur: Situated adjacent to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Mandarin Oriental offers refined luxury and impeccable service. The hotel features elegant rooms and suites, a spa, a rooftop infinity pool, and various dining options including a renowned Cantonese restaurant. Guests can indulge in a sophisticated and opulent experience.

The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur: Located in the city centre, The Ritz-Carlton offers a blend of elegance and comfort. The hotel features stylish rooms and suites, a spa, a fitness centre, and multiple dining options including a Japanese restaurant and a contemporary steakhouse. Guests can experience world-class hospitality and enjoy easy access to popular attractions.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur: This modern boutique hotel offers chic and comfortable rooms with a contemporary design. The hotel features a rooftop swimming pool, a fitness centre, a restaurant, and a rooftop bar with panoramic city views. Guests can enjoy a trendy atmosphere and explore the vibrant neighbourhood of Jalan Kamunting.

Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral: Conveniently located in Kuala Lumpur Sentral, Aloft offers stylish and vibrant accommodations for urban travelers. The hotel features loft-inspired rooms, an infinity pool with city views, a 24-hour gym, and multiple dining options. Guests can experience a lively and contemporary atmosphere.

citizenM Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang: This design-forward hotel offers compact yet comfortable rooms with modern amenities and smart technology. The hotel features a rooftop swimming pool, a 24-hour grab-and-go canteen, a lounge area, and a rooftop bar. Guests can enjoy a tech-savvy and affordable stay in the city centre.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Best Hostels in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The Explorers Guesthouse: Located in the heart of Chinatown, The Explorers Guesthouse offers affordable and cosy accommodations. The hostel features dormitory rooms and private rooms with shared bathrooms, a communal kitchen, a rooftop terrace, and a lounge area. Guests can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, meet fellow travellers, and explore the vibrant neighbourhood.

The Bed KLCC: Situated in the city centre near the Petronas Twin Towers, The Bed KLCC provides a modern and comfortable dormitory and private rooms. The hostel features a communal kitchen, a lounge area, and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views. Guests can enjoy a convenient location, a trendy atmosphere, and easy access to shopping and entertainment venues.

Sunshine Bedz KL: Located in the vibrant Bukit Bintang area, Sunshine Bedz KL offers a budget-friendly dormitory and private rooms. The hostel features a communal kitchen, a cosy lounge area, and a rooftop terrace. Guests can enjoy a friendly atmosphere, meet fellow travellers, and explore nearby attractions, shopping malls, and street food stalls.

Tips for Visiting Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

Today I’ll share with you my top places to visit in Kuala Lumpur! There are some well-known iconic buildings and architectural wonders to be explored. But not only: the green city has some of the greatest gardens and traditional areas which are definitely worth your visit!

Reasons to Visit MalaysiaPrepaid Internet SIM Card

My first tip is to get a prepaid Internet SIM card if you’re staying for a longer time in Malaysia. You can buy one at the airport as we did. My personal recommendation is the CELCOM XPAX SIM Card for travellers. The coverage was great, no matter where we were in Malaysia! We had a great internet connection even on the Perhentian Islands!

Getting Around in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is absolutely easy to get around! The metro system and monorail line are very modern and well-organized, as well as a commuter train service. Anyway, my absolute favourite tip for getting around is by Grab or Uber! You can just easily download the apps for free and enjoy the ride with a local! The Grab option is a bit cheaper than Uber, as it will costs you something like 2 € to 3 € for a ride (20 to 30 minutes!). The metro and commuter train services are even cheaper. Anyway, the best way to explore the city centre is by walking!

Use public transportation: Kuala Lumpur has an efficient public transportation system, including the LRT, MRT, and monorail. Utilize these options to navigate the city conveniently and avoid traffic congestion. The KL Travel Pass or MyRapid card offers unlimited rides and cost savings.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Plan Your Itinerary

Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant city with numerous attractions, so it’s essential to plan your itinerary in advance. Prioritize the must-visit places like the Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves, and Bukit Bintang. Consider the proximity of attractions to optimize your time and make the most of your visit.

Dress Modestly and Respect Local Customs

Malaysia is a multicultural country with a majority Muslim population. When visiting religious sites like mosques or temples, it’s important to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering. Be respectful of local customs and traditions throughout your stay.

Reasons to Visit MalaysiaSample Local Cuisine

Kuala Lumpur is a food paradise, offering a wide variety of culinary delights. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor authentic Malaysian dishes like Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, and Char Kway Teow. Explore the bustling street food markets and local eateries for a truly immersive gastronomic experience.

Explore Beyond the City Centre

While Kuala Lumpur’s city center is bustling with attractions, consider venturing outside the downtown area. Take a day trip to the nearby Batu Caves, visit the vibrant neighbourhood of Brickfields (Little India), or explore the picturesque landscapes of the Cameron Highlands for a diverse and enriching experience.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Must-Visit Places in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers

What would Kuala Lumpur be without the Petronas Twin Towers? The skyscrapers have become the symbol KL during the last couple of years, and there are many reasons why! Designed by Cesar Pelli, the Towers were built in order to house the national petroleum company of Malaysia (Petronas). It took only 6 years to be built, 2 years less than expected! They were officially opened on August 28th, 1999.

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

The Twin Towers (451,9m) were the tallest buildings in the World from 1998 to 2004 (surpassed by Taipei in 2004). Nowadays, the Petronas are still the highest Twin Towers in the World! An interesting fact is that the buildings have 32.000 windows with UV and solar radiation steel and it takes about 2 months to clean all of them!

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

My favourite part of the Petronas Towers – is the Suria KLCC Shopping Centre! It is absolutely an amazing place to go shopping! Plenty of branded shops and various restaurants are waiting to be conquered by your credit card 😀

Menara KL Tower

With 421 m, the Menara Tower in Kuala Lumpur is the 4th highest telecommunication tower in the World! The Tower is located on a 94m above sea level hill and therefore it seems higher than the Petronas Twin Towers (but it is not). The Menara Tower is surrounded by the Bukit Nanas Forest – the oldest gazetted forest in Malaysia.

Menara Tower, Night Skyline, Kuala Lumpur

Menara Tower, Night Skyline

An interesting fact is that here you can visit the highest McDonald’s fast food restaurant in the World. But who wants to eat McDonald’s in Malaysia? Me neither! Anyways, from here you can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole of Kuala Lumpur!

How to get here? You can climb the hill or take a Grab, as we did! It was 35° outside which is definitely not the best hiking temperature! It will cost you less than 2 € and 10 minutes from the city centre, so go for a Grab taxi.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Chinatown Petaling Street

The China Town of KL is located at the heart of the city on the famous Petaling Street. The district is also known as the “’Chee Cheong Kai” and is definitely different from the luxurious neighbours such as KLCC & Bukit Bintang. The China Town is more like South East Asia that we used to know and is a very touristy spot in Kuala Lumpur. Petaling Street is the place that never sleeps and you should definitely not miss a walk for a bargain on this street while visiting KL!  Here you can find ANYTHING!

Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur

Chinatown, KL

But please, do not pay the price that you’ll see first – we always got at least 30% off as the prices can be brought lower. The haggling is the way of life in the “Bargain Hunter’s Paradise”. China Town is still one of the premier shopping areas in the city where you’ll get the cheapest price for clothes and food. And yes – it is a very crowded place. But c’mon – it is a China Town, not a SPA Centre!

Bukit Bintang

You cannot visit KL without going to Bukit Bintang – one of the most popular shopping districts among locals and tourists! The great mixture of bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and street-food areas – here you’ll meet the more traditional Kuala Lumpur and a lot of youngsters! If you want to experience the nightlife in KL, here is probably one of the best places to do it! My advice is to go for local cuisine – here you have a great selection to choose from! In the Arabic district, for example, you can enjoy your dinner in many restaurants which offer delicious and traditional Arabic food! Yummy!

Petaling Street Market, KL

Petaling Street Market, KL

Batu Caves

The Batu Caves is one the most famous places to visit in Kuala Lumpur! The Batu Caves are the best-known Hindu Holy place in Malaysia, located in the spooky caves of a limestone outcrop in the north of KL.  You cannot miss this Holy Place on your next visit to Malaysia! The Batu Caves feature a complex of Hindu temples and shrines, the iconic statue of a Hindu God and 272 holy steps to climb in order to get to the beautiful natural caverns! This was probably my favourite place from all we visited in KL and I’ll write more about my impressions in the next blog post!

How to get here:  it is a short ride of 20-30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur with the KTM Komuter.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Merdeka Square

The Merdeka Square (“Dataran Merdeka”) or also known as the Independent Square, is the most iconic and must-visit heritage place in Kuala Lumpur! Merdeka Square is the best example when talking about the great cultural and religious variety in KL! Here you can spot plenty of historical buildings e.g. Sultan Abdul Samad Building, the Government Office, the National Textiles Museum, the Art Museum, the Royal Selangor Club, the City Library, the National History Museum, the Victorian Fountain, St Mary’s Cathedral, the City Theatre and Masjid Jamel.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

The most prominent and beautiful building of all located at Merdeka Square is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The Building was constructed by the British architect A. Norman in the year of 1897. He was very influenced by the Islamic buildings which he saw in Africa and India and he put all styles together in the KL project.

Here you can spot various architectural treasures which the British left behind in history. One of the first things you will notice while entering the Square is the 100-meter-high flagpole – the most significant feature of the square! Since 31st August 1957, it is still the highest flagpole in the world. On that day Malaysia celebrates the independence of the country from British rule. But still, nowadays, there are a lot of throwback buildings in KL which remain from the colonial days when the British Empire was reigning in Malaysia.

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

KLCC Garden

The KLCC Garden is the most central garden of KL located behind the Petronas Twin Towers and Suria KLSS Shopping Centre. There are a lot of attractions to see in this beautiful greenery area of KL. For example the beautiful man-made lake and various waterfalls, the excellent children’s playground, a 1.3 km soft-surface jogging track, a paddling pool (a real swimming pool !), more than 1.900 different trees from 75 species as well as many sculptures and street art! This place is absolutely gorgeous! Even though it is located in the very heart of the city, you’ll be able to enjoy the silence of nature …

Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Every night at 8 pm, 9 pm and 10 pm you can enjoy the Lake Symphony – the Dancing Fountains of KL and the fabulous Light Show! You will be able to meet a lot of locals in the evening. The KLCC Garden has become their favourite place during the last couple of years! The scenery is absolutely stunning! Not only the Light Show but also the view of the Twin Towers is amazing by night!

Dancing Fountains KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur

Lake Gardens

The Taman Botani Perdana, also known as the Lake Gardens, is a beautiful 920.000 m² park located in the middle of KL. The park is one of the most famous parks in the country and it hosts various flora and fauna attractions! The Lake Gardens is a perfect place for nature lovers, and sports enthusiasts and it serves as a refuge for the people who want a break from all the city fuss.

Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur

There are many smaller gardens located within the huge complex. The most visited and well-known are the Orchid Park, the Botanical Garden, the Bird Park, the Butterfly Park and the Asian Sculpture Garden! The Orchid Park is showcasing more than 3.000 species of orchids and entry is for free if you’re visiting the park during the week (Mo-Fr). I loved the Botanical Garden too! It is the favourite place for locals who are keen on jogging, as well as for the KL Taoist Society who practice Tai Chi here.

The Bird Park Kuala Lumpur

The Bird Park Kuala Lumpur

The Bird Park Kuala Lumpur

My favourite of all parks located in the scenic Lake Gardens is definitely Bird Park! With its 850.000 m², the park is also famous for being the “World’s Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary”. For example, it is twice the size of Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park!  The ticket costs ca 16 € and the price is absolutely adequate having in mind the life quality of the animals inside the park!

The Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur

The Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur

The park was opened in 1991 and since then it is a place for more than 3.000 birds, representing 200 species from around the globe! Inside the park, there are many miniature gardens, a man-made waterfall and a huge bird-feeding area! The park is divided into several sections which offer some great attractions for tourists, families and children! Here you can meet the Brahminy Kites in “Brahminy Land”, dozens of parrots in the “World of Parrots”, numerous hornbills in the “Hornbill Park”, different kinds of owls, flamingos and my favourite Peacocks! Here in the KL Bird Park, I saw baby peacocks for the first time … and they were so cute!!!

The Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

The Kuala Lumpur City Gallery was one of the places to escape from the heat during the afternoon. The gallery is an interesting tourist information centre where you’ll learn more about the history of KL and Malaysia! It is located in a 115-year-old colonial building on Merdeka Square and you can visit it for free. There are a lot of photos, paintings and audio snippets which share with you the interesting history of the city. My favourite part of this exhibition was the Light Show featuring a perfectly scaled model of Kuala Lumpur (12m x 20m)!

Don’t forget to check the gift shop before leaving! Here you’ll have the opportunity to meet some local art, such as handmade crafts like batik, pewter, hand-woven rug and my favourite – the handmade wooden miniatures from the local Woodcrafters!

KL City Gallery Kuala Lumpur

The Upside-Down House

Located in front of the Menara KL Tower, the Upside-Down house is one of the newest attractions and more of a funny thing to do than a must-see place in KL! It is a place where you can escape the heat and make some cool Upside-Down photos 😉

Upside Down House Kuala Lumpur

Upside Down House Kuala Lumpur

Upside Down House Kuala Lumpur

Upside Down House Kuala Lumpur

There are so many reasons why you should visit the beautiful capital of Malaysia! I hope I’ll have the opportunity to visit Kuala Lumpur again 🙂

Have you been to Kuala Lumpur? What is your favourite must-visit place in this beautiful city?

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