KERALA BLOG EXPRESS: On a Blogger Journey to Kerala, India

by Tsvete Popp
Kerala Blog Express-

As a travel blogger and digital content creator, I felt privileged to receive an invitation to join the Kerala Blog Express this year. This exclusive press trip, organized by Kerala’s Tourism in India, was a true honour to be a part of.  Kerala Blog Express is an exciting project by Kerala Tourism, where 25 bloggers from different parts of the world were invited on a 15-day bus journey all around Kerala.

Kerala Blog Express-

The group included bloggers from Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil, the UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Italy, the USA, Poland, Chile, Colombia, Kenya, India, Romania, and Turkey. During the trip, we did all sorts of things – from climbing coconut trees and staying on houseboats to dancing to local music, exploring tea and spice plantations, getting to know Kerala’s culture and food, admiring the tallest waterfall in Kerala, visiting local schools and factories, and even avoiding blood-hungry leeches in the forests. It was a whirlwind adventure!

Kerala Blog Express-

What is Kerala Blog Express?

The Kerala Blog Express happens every year and is put together by the Department of Tourism. It’s a special adventure that takes you through the amazing sights and interesting culture of Kerala. This one-of-a-kind journey invites important bloggers and storytellers from all over the globe (including myself – yuhuu !!) to join in a two-week-long experience that shows off the heart of God’s Own Country. They got us to see all the beautiful sights of Kerala: the backwaters, untouched beaches, green hills and tea plantations, waterfalls, mountains, towns and villages and to learn about the rich history and lively traditions of the state.

Kerala Blog Express-

Following my two flights from Sofia to Qatar and then from Qatar to India, I finally reached Thiruvananthapuram airport (also called Trivandrum) after a long 10-hour journey. The Kerala Blog Express Team greeted us as if we were real celebrities. Our photographers and drivers were waiting for us in the middle of the night with cars ready to take us to our hotels, and the hospitality we experienced during the entire stay was truly exceptional.

Kerala Blog Express-

In the beginning, spending 15 days with 25 strangers seemed a bit overwhelming. But surprisingly, we quickly became friends. On our last night, we were hugging and even shedding a few tears, not wanting to say goodbye to our newfound buddies. We all got assigned to a roommate on the trip, and I was really fortunate to meet Sara from Italy. We shared a room during the entire trip, and I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. Sara and I had an incredible time together while exploring Kerala with all the other 25 bloggers and influencers from around the world.

Kerala Blog Express-

How did we travelled around?

We travelled in a fancy Kerala Blog Express luxury Bus designed with Kerala Tourism’s logo and message. This cool bus went all around Kerala, making itself noticed and representing the place as we travelled. We hung out on the bus for hours each day as we moved from one spot to another. Trust me, the bus was so awesome that people on the streets waved and cheered as it rolled through Kerala’s streets!

Kerala Blog Express-

What Were The Hotels Like?

That question came up quite a bit, actually. I must admit, the places we stayed at during the Kerala Blog Express trip were incredibly welcoming. Throughout the journey, we were hosted by a variety of accommodations that included four and five-star hotels. There were some top-notch hotels and even some stunning five-star resorts with relaxing spas all across Kerala. We had a mix of beach resorts, spa getaways, city hotels, and even some surrounded by forests. While most of the time we roomed with our assigned buddies, there were a few “lucky” moments when we had a room all to ourselves, some even came with private pools or jacuzzis.

What’s Kerala’s Cuisine Like?

Kerala’s food scene is like a burst of amazing flavours and scents that capture the heart of the region’s vibrant culture and diverse influences. They’re all about these awesome spices, fresh stuff, and coconuts that make every bite a real delight. You’ve got this famous Kerala Sadya, a grand feast of veggie goodness served up on banana leaves, and then there’s the mouthwatering seafood that covers all taste bases. Coconut’s the real hero here – it shows up as milk, shreds, and oil, adding that special creamy depth to so many dishes.

Kerala Blog Express-

Spices like cardamom, black pepper, and cloves give things a cosy, complex twist. And what’s cool is how they balance sweet, sour, spicy, and savoury stuff, turning food into art. Whether we were starting our day with appam and stew or going classic with fish curry for dinner, Kerala’s food felt like a foodie’s dream come true.

My absolute favourite food in Kerala was definitely Kerala Parotta. Kerala Parotta is a kind of flatbread that’s widely enjoyed across the region. Layers of dough are skillfully kneaded and folded, creating a soft yet slightly flaky texture. Then, it’s flattened and cooked on a hot griddle until it puffs up and turns beautifully golden brown. You get this mix of a tender inside and a crisp exterior, which is just perfect.


When I think about the people of Kerala, those warm smiles, inquisitive glances, and the heartfelt greetings we received during the trip keep replaying in my mind. Keralites are an incredibly welcoming, friendly, and respectful bunch. Maybe it’s because they generally enjoy a better quality of life and higher education compared to the rest of India – almost everyone here can read and write. Trying out a few words in Malayalam, their local language, will surely win you some extra smiles, but the good news is, that most people speak English. Although, it’s worth noting that as you wander into smaller towns and rural areas, the English might not be as widespread.

Kerala Blog Express

Which Places We Visited IN KERALA?

Our journey kicked off in Trivandrum, where we even had the chance to meet Riyas, the Tourism Minister of India. We spent a solid three nights there, and then it was time to head to the enchanting Kumarakom region. Trust me, the scenes there are nothing short of breathtaking (tell me more about the charm of this place). The very next day, we made our way to my ultimate favourite spot in Kerala – Alleppey, the famed Backwaters destination! We got to spend the night on a House Boat – those iconic floating hotels that Kerala is famous for!

Kerala Blog Express- Kerala Blog Express-

Following our Backwaters adventure, we set our sights on Thekkady, where we hung around and explored for a good couple of days. After soaking up the vibe in Thekkady, we journeyed to what might just be one of the most awe-inspiring places I’ve laid eyes on – the tea plantations of Munnar! We set up camp there for a solid three days and got to explore the entire area. From Munnar, it was on to Athirapilly, where we got to marvel at Kerala’s biggest waterfall. The next day led us to Calicut, where we got a real insight into Kerala’s culture and the local food scene. Here, also visited a local school and attended Onam festival activities at Vallachira – these became my favourite experiences I had in Kerala!

Kerala Blog Express- Kerala Blog Express-
And then, it was time for a change of pace in the lush, rainy region of Wayanad. We hung around there for a few days, diving into the world of bamboo product-making, checking out a wild Mud Football match, and even getting our zipline game on – tons of adventure, you know! As our days wound down, we had some cool activities in Cheruthuruthy and Kadamakudy. Finally, we closed our Kerala chapter in Cochi, from where we all flew back home.

Kerala Blog Express-Kerala Blog Express-

Stay tuned for more Blog Posts From Kerala!

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