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by Tsvete Popp

Imagine exploring the mountains of Switzerland and at the end of the day retreat in your secluded cottage on the edge of the valley. Roam through the unspoiled hills of Tuscany and enjoy the sunset in a tranquil country house. Or perhaps a holiday in the middle of a forest with nothing but trees surrounding you. Sounds good right? In these ever-changing times and the travel restrictions because of covid-19, booking a holiday has become more of a challenge. The Dutch booking platform Nature House however, has a solution for this. The company, founded in 2009, offers over 17.000 holiday accommodations all over Europe, and the best part? They are all completely in nature, away from all the masses and holiday parks. They have even developed the option “contactless stay” for certain houses so you do not have to get into contact with any people. It is the ideal holiday to book when you want a truly relaxing break and want to enjoy quality time with the people you love while exploring the natural beauty Europe has to offer.

Source: wildumbria.uk / Nature House Umbria Italy

With your stay in a Nature house, you do not only get closer to nature but you also give back to it at the same time. This is because, for every booking the company receives, they donate €1 to local nature projects, such as the protection of the brown bear in Italy or the adder in Belgium. They have also planted over 1 million trees in Africa. Giving back to nature and reconnecting people with it, is the core of the business. If you want to have a completely sustainable holiday, that is also possible. On the platform over 1200 houses are offered which all have sustainable aspects. It could be that you have your own vegetable/fruit garden, solar panels or boiler, it being close to public transport, or waste separation obligations.

So, if you are a nature lover, Nature house’s accommodations are ideal for your next holiday. You could choose a house in a national park, near the water, in the forest, in the mountains, or even in the middle of nowhere. They will all be located in the middle of nature which makes it perfect for you to spend your day outdoors undertaking countless activities in the area. Another cool thing is that the Nature houses are not always just “normal” accommodations. For example, you could stay on a boat, in a treehouse, in a tent, in a wooden cabin, or in a villa. And for those who crave that extra bit of luxury, there are also houses with saunas, jacuzzies, and pools. Europe is a continent which such rich and diverse landscapes which are definitely breathtaking and worth exploring, so what is better than actually staying in the middle of them? You can wake up to nothing but the sound of chirping birds, hear the wind blowing to the trees, or perhaps even hear the waves of the ocean.

How you want to spend your holiday in Europe varies greatly on the location you are visiting and the season. The north tends to have mild summers and extremely cold winters while in the south the summers are hot and the winters a bit milder. Go visit national parks, UNESCO sites, museums, cities, go hiking, biking, or do any other outdoor activity; the possibilities are endless. For example, book a Nature house in Scandinavia, and in summer you have the possibilities to enjoy the greenery around you, undertake countless watersport activities, or get lost in the landscapes of the national parks. In winter, however, these countries are turned into a winter wonderland, perfect for snow lovers and spotting the Northern Lights. Or book a Nature house in Croatia, one of the ecologically best-preserved countries and Europe, and be amazed by the stunning landscapes, countless species of flora and fauna, and enjoy the sun.

The location of the houses all in the middle of nature will guarantee you a unique holiday experience. It is can be great for a holiday with kids to let them explore the environment on their own, but also for a romantic getaway in a cozy cabin or if you just need a truly relaxing breakaway. If you are still looking for a holiday, do not want to get in contact with many people, and are looking for a unique experience, booking a Nature house might be something for you. An adventure in Europe’s nature is guaranteed.

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