Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

by Tsvete Popp
Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

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Nestled in the Philippines like a jewel in the sea, Boracay is the stuff of postcards come to life. Think powdery white sands, crystal-clear waters, and a laid-back vibe that’ll make your worries drift away faster than a coconut on the tide. This isn’t just a destination; it’s an escape to paradise.

Why Choose Boracay for a acation?

Beach Bliss: Boracay isn’t just a beach; it’s THE beach. With three unique stations along White Beach, each offering a different vibe, you can go from lazy lounging to beachfront parties in a heartbeat. The sands here? So soft, you’ll be tempted to build sandcastles like a kid again.

Thrilling Adventures: Adrenaline junkie? You’re in for a treat! Boracay’s got water sports that’ll make your heart race. From parasailing with breathtaking views to paddleboarding along the coast, there’s no shortage of excitement. Bonus: Ever tried helmet diving? It’s like discovering a whole new world beneath the waves!

Sunset Spectacle: Boracay boasts some of the most jaw-dropping sunsets on the planet. Grab a front-row seat, clink those coconuts together, and soak in the magical hues painting the sky. Pro tip: This is where time stands still, and Instagram gold happens.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Getting There: Your Passport to Paradise

Overview of Transportation Options

Boracay isn’t just a destination; it’s a treasure island waiting to be explored. Getting there is part of the adventure! Flights are your go-to, with direct connections from major cities like Manila and Cebu. If you’re up for an extra splash of excitement, ferries from Caticlan or Kalibo are a scenic option.

Nearest Airports and How to Reach the Island

Touchdown! The two main gateways to Boracay are Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (also known as Caticlan Airport) and Kalibo International Airport. From Caticlan, a quick boat ride gets you to the island. If you land in Kalibo, a scenic land-and-sea journey awaits. Tricycles and vans will be your trusty steeds on this leg of the adventure.

Tips on Booking Flights and Transportation

Snagging budget-friendly flights? Be flexible with your travel dates and keep an eye on promotions. Pro-tip: Booking transportation in advance helps you dodge last-minute stress. From tricycle rides to island hopping, Boracay has options for every budget. Oh, and don’t forget to factor in some island time – everything moves at a more relaxed pace here!

Best Time to Visit: Unlocking Boracay’s Seasonal Secrets

Seasonal Variations and Weather Considerations

Boracay is always in the mood for a good time, but the weather likes to mix things up. The dry season (November to April) is a sun-soaked dream, perfect for beach bums and water babies. The wet season (May to October) brings occasional rain, but hey, it’s a tropical dance that keeps the island lush and green.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Ideal Months for Specific Activities

Planning your getaway around specific activities? The dry months are your golden ticket for water adventures like snorkeling, diving, and paddleboarding. If you’re keen on festivals and vibrant local culture, check out the Ati-Atihan Festival in January for a fiesta you won’t forget.

Where to Stay

Boracay is divided into three main stations, each offering a different atmosphere and catering to various preferences. Here are the general differences between Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3:

Station 1:

  • Upscale Atmosphere: Station 1 is often considered the most upscale and quieter of the three stations.
  • Luxury Accommodations: You’ll find high-end resorts and hotels along the beachfront, offering luxurious amenities.
  • White Beach Highlights: Station 1 is known for having the widest and finest stretch of White Beach, making it ideal for relaxation and water activities.
  • Secluded Vibes: The atmosphere is more secluded, providing a tranquil setting for those seeking a more peaceful stay.
  • Expensive Dining Options: While there are dining options for various budgets, some of the more upscale restaurants are located in this area.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Station 2:

  • Epicenter of Action: Station 2 is the central hub of activity and considered the commercial center of Boracay.
  • Shopping and Nightlife: This station is famous for D’Mall, a shopping and dining complex, as well as vibrant nightlife with bars and clubs.
  • Mid-Range Accommodations: Accommodation options range from mid-range to budget-friendly, making it suitable for a diverse range of travelers.
  • Diverse Dining Options: Station 2 offers a wide variety of dining options, including local eateries, international cuisine, and beachfront dining.
  • Crowded and Lively: This area tends to be busier and more crowded due to its popularity among tourists.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Station 3:

  • Budget-Friendly Options: Station 3 is known for offering more budget-friendly accommodation options compared to the other stations.
  • Quieter Atmosphere: It is generally quieter and less crowded than Stations 1 and 2, making it suitable for those seeking a more laid-back experience.
  • Relaxed Beach Setting: The beach in Station 3 is less crowded, providing a more relaxed atmosphere for beachgoers.
  • Local Charm: This station has a more local and rustic feel, with smaller shops and eateries contributing to a charming ambiance.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Each station caters to different preferences, so the choice of where to stay depends on your preferred atmosphere, budget, and the kind of experience you’re seeking during your stay in Boracay.

Bulabog Beach

On the eastern side of the island, Bulabog Beach is famous for its water sports, particularly wind and kite surfing. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, staying here provides easy access to the adrenaline-pumping water activities.

Puka Beach

Located on the northern part of Boracay, Puka Beach offers a more secluded and less crowded experience. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking tranquility and a bit of isolation.

Diniwid Beach: Adjacent to White Beach, Diniwid is a quieter alternative with upscale resorts. It provides a more private escape while still being close to the action.


The northernmost part of Boracay, Yapak is known for its exclusive resorts and the famous Puka Shell Beach. It’s a serene area away from the crowds, perfect for a luxurious and peaceful retreat.

Where We Stayed

Our Boracay adventure unfolded in two distinct chapters, each adding a unique hue to our travel canvas. For the first half, we nestled into the embrace of Turtle Inn, a budget-friendly haven that surprised us with its exceptional value for money. Tucked away in comfort and simplicity, Turtle Inn offered not just a place to rest, but an experience that defied its modest price tag. The cozy ambiance, friendly staff, and strategic location at Station 3 made every peso spent feel like a bargain for the quality received.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

As we transitioned to the second half of our stay, we stepped into the lap of luxury at Astoria Current in Station 3. Our abode was not just a room; it was a two-bedroom masterpiece that blended sophistication with homely warmth. The panoramic views from our window painted a breathtaking picture of Boracay’s beauty. From sunrise to sunset, the changing hues of the sea became a daily spectacle.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

The lavish hospitality extended by Astoria Current added an extra layer of indulgence to our retreat. Every need anticipated, every desire met with a smile – it was a stay where we felt not just welcomed, but truly cherished. The attention to detail, the elegance of the interiors, and the seamless service elevated our experience to a level of opulence we hadn’t anticipated.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation
Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation
Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Best Hotels in Each Station

Station 1: Best Accommodations

Best Luxury Accommodations

The Lind Boracay: Nestled along the iconic White Beach, The Lind Boracay is a luxury haven that seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with breathtaking ocean views.
Discovery Shores Boracay: A five-star gem on the famous White Beach, Discovery Shores Boracay is a beachfront paradise offering impeccable service, world-class amenities, and stunning sunsets.

Best Mid-Range Accommodations

Astoria Boracay: A tropical sanctuary at Station 1, Astoria Boracay beckons with contemporary elegance, world-class amenities, and personalized service, creating an unforgettable escape in paradise.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Astoria Boracay Station 1

The District Boracay: Positioned at the heart of action in Station 2, The District Boracay offers a stylish blend of modern comfort and island charm, making it a sought-after destination for discerning travelers.

Two Seasons Boracay Resort: A beachfront haven in Station 1, Two Seasons Boracay Resort is a harmonious blend of laid-back luxury and nature-inspired design, providing an idyllic retreat steps away from the dazzling White Beach.

Best Budget Friedly Accommodations

IL Mare Sakura Resort Boracay: Nestled in tranquility at Station 3, IL Mare Sakura Resort Boracay is a serene escape adorned with Japanese-inspired aesthetics, offering a harmonious blend of coziness and nature.
Shore Time Hotel Boracay: Situated in the vibrant Station 2, Shore Time Hotel Boracay welcomes guests to a chic and contemporary retreat, where the island’s energy meets stylish comfort, creating an ideal getaway on the famous White Beach.
Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Astoria Boracay Station 1

Station 2: Best Accommodations

Best Luxury Accommodations

Henann Lagoon Resort: A lush oasis in Station 2, Henann Lagoon Resort captivates with its tranquil lagoon pool, modern accommodations, and a perfect blend of relaxation and accessibility to Boracay’s vibrant scenes.
Henann Palm Beach Resort: Set along the pristine shores of Station 2, Henann Palm Beach Resort is a tropical haven offering beachfront luxury, breathtaking views, and an indulgent escape in the heart of Boracay.
Henann Garden Resort: Nestled in the bustling Station 2, Henann Garden Resort is a lush retreat featuring expansive gardens, inviting pools, and a central location that seamlessly blends convenience with the island’s natural beauty.
Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Best Mid-Range Accommodations

Feliz Hotel Boracay: Located in the heart of Station 2, Feliz Hotel Boracay exudes contemporary charm, offering guests a stylish retreat with modern amenities and a convenient base for exploring the island.
Mandarin Nest Boracay: Tucked away in the vibrant Station 1, Mandarin Nest Boracay is a cozy and intimate escape, providing personalized hospitality and a tranquil ambiance just moments away from the renowned White Beach.

Best Budget Friedly Accommodations

Agos Boracay Rooms + BedsPositioned in Station 2, Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds offers a cozy and budget-friendly accommodation option, providing a welcoming retreat with comfortable rooms and a strategic location for exploring Boracay’s lively atmosphere.

Station 3: Best Accommodations

Best Luxury Accommodations

Astoria Current: Situated in Station 3, Astoria Current stands as a beacon of modern luxury, offering beachfront elegance, stunning views, and a seamless blend of sophistication and relaxation on Boracay’s pristine shores.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Mandala Spa & Resort Villas: Nestled in Station 3, Mandala Spa & Resort Villas is an oasis of wellness and tranquility, providing a holistic escape with luxurious villas, world-class spa treatments, and lush tropical surroundings.

The Strand Boutique Resort: A hidden gem in Station 1, The Strand Boutique Resort is a fusion of coastal chic and personalized service, providing an intimate retreat with stylish accommodations and a serene atmosphere along Boracay’s famous White Beach.

Best Mid-Range Accommodations

Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel: Embracing the charm of Station 3, Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel offers a delightful blend of beachfront luxury, personalized service, and a cozy atmosphere, making it a perfect haven for a romantic retreat or a family getaway.

Mandala Spa & Resort Villas: Set amidst the serene surroundings of Station 3, Mandala Spa & Resort Villas stands as an epitome of wellness and luxury, providing an enchanting escape with luxurious villas, holistic spa experiences, and a peaceful ambiance.

Best Budget Friedly Accommodations

Turtle Inn Resort: Nestled in tranquility, Turtle Inn Resort at Station 3 offers a laid-back escape with comfortable accommodations, lush surroundings, and a peaceful retreat away from the bustle of Boracay.

Bulabog Beach

Aqua Boracay: Situated in Station 3, Aqua Boracay offers a blend of modern elegance and beachfront bliss, providing guests with stylish accommodations and a serene escape on the pristine shores of Boracay.

7Stones Boracay: Boasting a prime location in Bulabog Beach, 7Stones Boracay stands out with its contemporary design, spacious suites, and a tranquil ambiance, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking a balance of luxury and relaxation.

Ferra Premier by JG: Tucked away in a quiet corner of Station 1, Ferra Premier by JG is a boutique gem that marries Filipino-inspired design with contemporary comforts, offering guests an intimate and sophisticated haven amidst Boracay’s tropical beauty.


Local Transportation

Welcome to the land of tricycles, bicycles, and leisurely strolls along the beach! Tricycles are the kings of the road, offering a fun and affordable way to zip around. Need some wind in your hair? Rent a bicycle and pedal your way through the island’s charm. And, of course, there’s the timeless joy of a barefoot walk in the sand – the island’s original mode of transport!

Tricycles – The Island’s Chariots: Think of tricycles as your trusty chariots, weaving through the island’s nooks and crannies. They’re not just a mode of transport; they’re an experience. Pro-tip: Negotiate your fare beforehand for stress-free rides.

Bicycles – Pedal Power Paradise: Feel the island breeze in your hair as you pedal your way through Boracay. Bicycles are perfect for exploring at a leisurely pace, and you might just stumble upon a hidden beach or a cozy cafe that wasn’t on the map.

Scooters – Zooming with Zest: Scooters offer a bit more speed and the thrill of the open road. Renting one is a breeze; just make sure to wear your helmet and embrace the wind in your face as you explore the island’s beauty.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Best Beaches

White Beach – The Iconic Haven

If Boracay were a treasure chest, White Beach would be the crown jewel. Stretching over 4 kilometers, this beach is divided into three stations, each offering a unique vibe. Station 1 boasts upscale resorts, Station 2 is the epicenter of activities, and Station 3 exudes a more laid-back charm.

Activities: From beachfront massages to thrilling water sports, White Beach has it all. Dip your toes in the serene waters, try your hand at parasailing, or simply lounge under the shade of a palm tree with a refreshing coconut drink. Don’t forget to catch the magical sunset – it’s a daily spectacle!

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Puka Beach – Nature’s Oasis

For those seeking a more secluded escape, Puka Beach is a hidden gem. Named after the Puka shells that adorn its shores, this beach offers a tranquil retreat from the bustle of White Beach.

Activities: Puka Beach is all about reconnecting with nature. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline collecting unique seashells, go snorkeling to discover vibrant marine life, or simply lay back and enjoy the untouched beauty of this pristine haven. It’s a nature lover’s paradise!

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Activities and Attractions

Water Activities: Dive into the Aquatic Playground

Snorkeling: Beneath the Surface Beauty:Dive In: Boracay’s crystal-clear waters are a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts. Gear up, and discover a vibrant world beneath the surface. Puka Beach and Balinghai Beach are top-notch spots for colorful coral reefs and tropical fish.

Diving: Explore the Deep Blue: Dive Deeper: Calling all ocean explorers! Boracay offers diverse dive sites for all levels. Crocodile Island is perfect for beginners, while Yapak 2 and 3 cater to advanced divers with thrilling underwater caves and tunnels.

Parasailing: Soar to New Heights: Fly High: Ready for an adrenaline rush with a view? Try parasailing along White Beach. Feel the wind in your hair as you soar above the sea, catching breathtaking panoramic views of the island.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Land Activities: From Beaches to Peaks

Hiking – Conquer Boracay’s Hills: Scenic Trails: Take a break from the beach and explore the lush landscapes. Mount Luho, the highest point in Boracay, offers panoramic views of the island. Hike up and be rewarded with a stunning vista that’s perfect for that Instagram-worthy shot.

ATV Rides – Off-Roading Fun: Rev Up: For an off-road adventure, hop on an ATV and explore Boracay’s rugged terrains. Cruise through dirt paths, discover hidden gems, and feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate the island’s natural beauty.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Cultural Attractions: Dive into Local Life

Visit the Local Fish Market – A Culinary Adventure: Immerse yourself in Boracay’s local culture by exploring the D’Talipapa Market. Here, you can witness the daily life of locals and even buy fresh seafood. Take your catch to a nearby restaurant, and they’ll whip up a delicious feast just for you.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Nightlife Scene: Where the Island Comes Alive

Boracay transforms as the sun sets, unveiling a lively nightlife scene that caters to every mood. Whether you’re into chill beachside vibes, pulsating music, or cultural spectacles, Boracay’s got it all.

Popular Bars, Clubs, and Beach Parties: The Beat Goes On

Epicenter at Station 2: Drink, Dance, Repeat: Station 2 is the heartbeat of Boracay’s nightlife. Explore D’Mall for an array of bars and clubs. Epic and Club Paraw are top picks for those seeking DJ beats and dance floors.

Beachfront Bliss at White Beach: Beach Parties Galore: The beach comes alive after dark! Join the iconic Boracay PubCrawl for a night of beach-hopping fun. Stations 1 and 3 host beach parties with fire dancers, music, and a laid-back atmosphere.

Themed Bars and Lounges: Cocktail Delights: Venture into thematic bars like The Sand Bar for cocktails with your toes in the sand. Prisma is perfect for those seeking a more sophisticated atmosphere with panoramic views.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation
Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation
Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Navigating Boracay’s Culinary Landscape

Local Eateries – Taste of Tradition: Sari-Sari Delights: Explore Boracay’s side streets for local eateries known as sari-sari stores. These small shops offer a variety of Filipino snacks, from empanadas to banana cue (caramelized bananas on a stick).

Island Pub and Kitchen – Fusion of Flavors: Culinary Fusion: For a unique dining experience, head to Island Pub and Kitchen. This spot blends international and Filipino flavors, offering a diverse menu in a vibrant and cozy atmosphere.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Local Filipino Dishes: A Symphony of Flavors

Adobo – A Filipino Classic: Savor the Stew: Dive into the heart of Filipino cuisine with Adobo. This savory stew, often made with chicken or pork, boasts a symphony of soy sauce, vinegar, and spices. Try it at any local eatery for a taste of Filipino comfort.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Astoria Boracay Station 1

Lechon Manok – Roasted Perfection: Roasted Delight: Lechon Manok, or roasted chicken, is a must-try. The crispy skin and flavorful meat make it a popular choice. Pair it with garlic rice and a side of atchara (pickled papaya) for a complete feast.

Sinigang – Sour and Savory Soup: Sour Splendor: Sinigang is a Filipino sour tamarind soup that perfectly balances savory and tangy flavors. Enjoy it with a variety of meats, vegetables, and a bowl of steamed rice for a comforting meal.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Shopping Areas: Where Retail Dreams Come True

D’Mall – Retail Hub of Station 2: Shop and Stroll: D’Mall, located in Station 2, is the beating heart of Boracay’s shopping scene. This open-air shopping complex is a maze of boutiques, souvenir shops, and vibrant stalls. From fashion finds to local crafts, D’Mall has it all.

Talipapa Market – Seafood and Souvenirs: Local Flair: If you’re in the mood for both shopping and a cultural experience, head to Talipapa Market. Known for its fresh seafood, it’s also a treasure trove of souvenirs. Bargain with local vendors for everything from trinkets to handwoven crafts.

CityMall – Modern Retail Haven: One-Stop Shop: CityMall, located in Boracay’s main road, is your go-to for modern shopping convenience. Here, you’ll find well-known brands, supermarkets, and other retail essentials.

Boracay Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Perfect Vacation

Navigating Boracay’s Retail Wonderland

Bargaining Tips – A Friendly Haggle: Master the Art: Don’t be shy to bargain, especially in open-air markets like Talipapa. It’s part of the local experience, and you might just score a great deal on your favorite finds.

Eco-Friendly Finds – Sustainable Souvenirs: Green Choices: Look for eco-friendly souvenirs made from sustainable materials. From reusable bags to bamboo products, Boracay has a variety of earth-conscious options for the environmentally aware shopper.


Boracay is a multifaceted jewel in the heart of the Philippines, offering a tapestry of experiences that go beyond its renowned beaches. From the powder-soft sands of White Beach to the vibrant energy of D’Mall and the gastronomic delights at Astoria, this tropical paradise invites travelers to savor every moment.

Our journey through this travel guide has unveiled the island’s diverse landscapes, thrilling activities, cultural richness, and culinary wonders. Whether you’re a beach lover, an adventure seeker, a culture enthusiast, or a foodie, Boracay caters to your every whim.

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