Our first time in Thailand! This was our itinerary for 3 weeks

by Tsvete Popp
Thailand Itinerary

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Imagine this: I had big plans to explore Thailand in 2017, but life threw a curveball – the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This led to a year of mourning and a bunch of restrictions. Long story short, we decided to hit pause and wait another year for our dream Thai adventure!
Now, planning our first-ever trip to Thailand got me feeling super overwhelmed. And guess what? You might feel the same! But here’s the scoop: there’s no wrong way to do Thailand! It’s a fantastic country, a dream spot for many, and the reasons are endless. Thailand has it all – bustling cities, tropical beaches, breathtaking nature, rich culture, delicious food, and friendly folks. Seriously, it’s a playground for every kind of traveler!
Where To Stay In Phuket, Thailand The Ultimate Guide
So, we spent a whopping 24 days exploring the country, and trust me, we could’ve easily added a couple more months. Thailand’s got these amazing sights, but they’re kinda spread out.
Ah, Thailand – more than three weeks of absolute happiness!
Now, let me spill the beans on what we did. I wanted to soak in everything – from adventure to relaxation. We went from the buzzing Bangkok to charming Chiang Mai, cruised through the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea, and got lost in the wild beauty of Krabi. It was intense, but every single second was worth it!
Where To Stay In Phuket, Thailand The Ultimate Guide

Day 1: Flying to Bangkok

On March 8th, we hopped on an Emirates flight from Munich (where it was a chilly 4°C) to Bangkok (a scorching 34°C) for about 14 hours. The flight was cool, but the 30-degree and 7-hour time difference hit us like a massive hangover!

Days 2-5: Buzzing in Bangkok

Jet lag, Thai boxing, temple-hopping, markets, and Tuk-Tuks – Bangkok had us hooked! Seriously, don’t even think about skipping it. It’s like New York City on LSD with a side of green curry sauce! The city is lively, colorful, bizarre, and there’s so much to do – Tuk-Tuk rides, sparkling temples, rooftop parties, bargaining at Chatuchak Market, Thai massages, and even some Thai boxing (or learning how to box, your call!). And yes, get ready for a wild ride on Khao San Road (after learning how to box, of course – just kidding 😉).

Days 6-9: Charming Chiang Mai

Next stop – Chiang Mai, the real deal according to the locals. We flew there (50 minutes from Bangkok) and were blown away! Night markets, Buddhist temples galore, visits to Elephant Sanctuaries, and the best Thai food ever – Chiang Mai had it all. You can go trekking, chill by the pool – it’s your call!

Days 10-14: Island Magic in Koh Tao

After a week in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, it was island-hopping time! First stop – Koh Tao. We woke up super early, took a flight from Chiang Mai to Surat Thani, then a ferry to Koh Tao, breaking the world record for the fastest transit from Chiang Mai to Koh Tao. This tiny island stole our hearts with its crystal-clear waters, lively nightlife, and jaw-dropping sunsets at Sairee Beach. Koh Tao, my friends, became my absolute favorite island ever!

Days 15-17: Paradise in Koh Phi Phi

Next on the list – Koh Phi Phi Don! We took a ferry to Koh Samui, flew to Krabi, and then ferried to Koh Phi Phi Don. Seven hours instead of 20 without flying – totally worth it! These islands between Krabi and Phuket are famous for parties, but the nature there is simply mind-blowing! We found our own piece of paradise at Long Beach on Phi Phi Don. Snorkeling, sunbathing, island hopping – we couldn’t believe how beautiful this place was!

Days 18-20: Timeout in Koh Lanta

We needed a break from the hustle, so off to Koh Lanta! It meant fewer crowds, wild beaches, clear waters, and reasonable prices. I’ve never seen so many beautiful and empty beaches in my life. We zipped around the island on a moped, exploring every nook. Long Beach in the north is the place to be!

Days 21-23: Marvelous Railay Beach

No Thailand trip is complete without a ferry to Krabi or, even better, a ferry to Railay! We took a direct ferry from Koh Lanta to Railay Beach, and even though it was the most expensive ferry, it was totally worth it. Railay Beach is stunning, one of the most beautiful in Thailand for sure! Three days summed up in three words – sunbathing, rock climbing, Thai massage!

Day 24: Farewell to Thailand

Saying goodbye is tough, but we had to head back to Munich. So, we flew back to Bangkok and spent almost 8 hours waiting at the airport. We took a taxi to “The Paseo Mall,” just 10 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport, making the most of our time.
I hope you enjoyed our adventure! Stay tuned for more stories about each place we visited. Have a blast on your Thailand trip – enjoy every moment! 😊
And remember, the best stories often come from unexpected places! Safe travels! 🌴

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