Greetings to you……

We’re pleased you found this website, because it was designed with you in mind.  The love of the Holy Spirit has led or navigated you to this site.  It is our desire that your life will be enriched with all spirituality as you partake of “fresh manna.”
Comfort, enlightenment, encouragement and wisdom have prepared a spiritual feast for you.  Come sit at the “welcome table” which the Lord has furnished for you and feast with us, if you will.  Your heavenly Father has mingled spiritual truths in simplicity and loving-kindness that you might drink them in and return for more springs of life.

We want to...

  • Introduce you to Jesus as your Savior and learn to know Him as Shepherd, Saviour, King and Messiah
  • to grow in the grace and in the knowledge of His power
  • serve the Lord with more gladness as your compassion abounds for His people
  • find more joy in Jesus’ love
  • pray more earnestly as the Father’s heart is revealed through prophetic words
  • continue steadfastly in your trials as your faith is being framed within you
  • abound in good works in your heavenly account

We love you but God loves you more……

                       Lil and the Open Bible Church family